Make It Up With Love Remix Lyrics

by ATL

Here go's, Yeah.

Let me make it up with love. REMIX! Listen up.

While we breakin up, you gone for a while then we makin up.
All for what, i dont wanna say too much.
Id rather spend the whole day,
let the slow jams play none stop til we wakin up.
I know its hard when im far away, when i leave outta town for more than a day.
And when i get back and its feels different and i gota give you a reason to stay.
Im hangin out in the late night
Knowin that i shudda called and i aint right.
I bin tryna find a way we can keep it tight, lets put it all aside we aint gotta fight.
I can change it all around give me one night, i can hit you with this love from a thug and i wont stop til we make it up- let me make you feel alright.

Let me make it up with love
lay ur body down, baby let me work it out.
Makin love wil change your mind, everything is fine.
I put my name on it, sign it on the dotted line.
All night, hit you with this love, let me make it right.
Let me make it up with love.
(Baby i can make it right, just one night, let me lay you down i can make it, make it.)

Let me fallback, now i know how you feel wen i aint call back.
Silly ways that you act, what you call that?
other niggas in the hood was the ones givin jewels, had you thinkin you was all that.
Now you wanna break up, all your friends spread rumours that was made up.
Dont tell me you forgot about your 21st birthday when i laced you with the iced out jacobs?
Baby girl why you gotta lie, i can see in your eyes that you wanna ride.
You aint gotta say a word i can read your mind.
Shut the door, dim the lights, let me close the blinds.
You can come inside....

so i can make it right, just one night, let me lay you down i can make it, make it.


Girl, i know i bin out there wylin, doin my thug thizzle.
You know, gettin caught up out in the streets.
But you know at then end of the day, it dont matter 'cause, you know ill be comin back to you.
So regardless of what you hear, what you see, or what you think
You shud know that, your my girl for real. You heard?


Girl i know that you want it, so lay your body down.
Baby you can have it, lets make it right...
I can make it right just one night, let me lay you down i cna make it make it.....