Manfred Macc Lyrics

by Macc Lads

There she was just walking down Mill St,
She looked so fit, I just had to beat me meat
Blonde hair, blue eyes. Do you want to try my dick for size?

Before I knew it, she had kicked me in the balls
I never said a word, I couldn't walk, so I crawled
Dead fit, nice arse, and she knew her martial arts.

I could tell that she wanted my pork, so I offered her a ride in my brand new Porsche
"Do you want a weekend on my yacht in St Moritz?"
She said: "Fuck off, you liar," and smashed my bollocks with her fist.

She was playing hard to get, I wasn't throwing in the towel:
"Do you like chicken, love? Well then, taste my knob, its foul (fowl)."
Big tits, long legs, she sank a spanner in my head.
Fuck, cunt, bastard, bugger wank, bugger wank