Martin Lyrics

by Soft Cell

Martin is talking to you

Martin is a boy with problems
Martin has a family history
Martin has too many nightmares
He lives in a fantasy
There's a danger that he'll take too far
His morbid curiosity

He's seen too many creepy films
He's read too many books
Martin sleeps with all the lights on
Martin's seen too many looks

He lives out a strange obsession
Tries hard to resist
But Martin needs his strange obsession
To exist


He's far too pale and far too frail
To be a normal boy
There's something shining in his eyes
The things he'd like to say
Martin had a lot to live down
Growing up in a mining town

The torch is burning in the trees
The shivering lust for blood
He's the star of many horror movies
But deep inside he's good

There's an illness running through him
That is all the time
And though he watches and he waits
He knows he's not to blame

The face at the window
The hand under the bed
Martin has hallucinations
Dreams that he's dead
He finds the hunger's at its worst
When he's in bed

Kill Martin, Martin, Martin

He's finding hard to keep control
He knows it won't be long
And his tongue rolls over his dry lips
And the voice lingers on

Martin Martin Martin
Martin Martin Martin
Kill, Martin kill, Martin Martin

Martin Martin Martin
Martin Martin Martin, kill