Mary Kate & Ashley Lyrics

by XV

Said she want to roll, what you trying to do?
Said you want to win, what you got to lose
L7 squares, we're them kind of dudes
So turn it up, you got it dude
Square gang, Mtley Cre
These bitches want to roll around the world
amazing race like Boppers do
Smoking Mary with Kate and Ashley,
cause it ain't nasty if it's not in twos
So in two bars, I'm too cold, with two broads in a two door
Batters up, tatted up
body like a chulo
Mad at us, status up, my dogs be on Pluto
Roof low, no top dude, them hoes fall when I drive through
I'm back up so I got two
If I got two
Then you got two
Well let me get one
My niggas going in, let me get some
I just want to win for the end come
Til dollars come in our income
Til we hit the lot' like pick One
That's mine
fuck your circles a tag line
Put it in the air like the bat sign
Twos up, at sign
I remember when they didn't use to pay me much
And now we're squares everywhere like the Brady Bunch
If we step up in the spot, I'll bet your lady bug
Your girl's backstage with us
We got you singing, bruh
Bringing back my lady cause
You got it, dude