Masha Allah Lyrics

by Maher Zain

Agmal farha hiyya
Youm farahko, da shee akeed
Zekrayatel leila deyyah
Hadra mesh momkin tegheeb
(The most beautiful joy is
On your wedding day thats for sure
This nights memories
Will always be present and can never fade away)
Ehsasel youm dah
Meen fikom yensah
Ala toul tegmako ahla hayah
(The way you feel on this day
How can any of you ever forget it?!
The most beautiful life shall unite you forever)
Agmal farha fhayatkol leila
Helween wallah Allah Allah
Masha Allah Masha Allah
Ya salam ya salam, ma tbarko yahl Allah (x2)
(Tonight is the biggest happiness in your life
By Allah, youre both beautiful! Allah Allah
Allah has willed it Allah has willed it
What a joy, what a joy!
Lets congratulate them, everyone!) (x2)
Ento ala sounnet Nabina
Geeto we katabtol kitab
Wehna tayral farha bina
Welleiladil alb daab
(In accordance with our Prophets teachings
You did the marriage contract ['Aqd-Nikah]
And were overjoyed for the two of you
And our hearts are melting with happiness on this night)
Oulou masha Allah
We ya Rabb teishou ahla sneen
Oulou masha Allah
We ya mahla zougeen salheen
Rabbena yegmako wayya bad fel Gannah
Rabbena yegalko toulel omr metfahmeen
(Say: Allah has willed it
And may you live the happiest of years
Say: Allah has willed it
And how beautiful it is to see such a pious couple!
May Allah unite you together in Paradise
And may He make you live your whole life together in harmony)