Master Exploder Lyrics

by Tenacious D

[Prelude: only in movie]

Open Mic Host: This a..., next band pleased me not to read it. God dammit, I'm gonna read it anyway, because I wrote it and it's a truth. I'm fucking love this band. They're the best band ever. Period. Ladies and gentlemans, Tenacious D!

JB: Hey, what's up? Me and KG wrote this song 5 minutes ago. It's called "Master Exploder"

Augh! Augh!

[Verse 1: Jack Black/Kyle Gass]
I do not need
He does not need
A microphone
A microphone
My voice is fucking


[Verse 2: Jack Black/Kyle Gass]
I did not mean
He did not mean
To blow your mind
To blow your mind
But that shit happens to me
All the time!

[Verse 3: Jack Black/Kyle Gass]
Now take a look, take a look
Tell me what do you see? what do you see?
We've got the Pick of Destiny!