Mercy Lyrics

by Chris Brown

Lamborghini mercy
Your chick, she so thirsty
I'm in that 2 seat Lambo with yo bitch, she tryna jerk me, okay
[Chris Brown:]
I'm in the lamborghini with two models
21 bottles, a murcielago
A nigga gone when I hit the throttle
The she gave me the crazy head
The nigga swerved then, hit a pothole
I'm ridin' in that big boy, 500 k in my out, 'kay
I've got a whole lot of girls in dubai
I've got a bush beach in the outback
Got adidas, throw my feet up, check my snicker
Get a hundred thousand for the feature
I'm ballin' while you niggas talkin' shit
And y'all bitch ass niggas in the bleachers
This fushock, two shots would take my feet up
It's too many niggas in my clicks, we all got hits
You niggas gettin' beat up
Believe us, always be up in this place
Got them loubruitton's out, kick a nigga in his face
I'm a real vaginga nigga in the lay got v.a place
You see I'm sexy, I'm just flexy, wayne gretzky
Escape life