More Milli Lyrics

by Birdman

[Intro - Birdman]
Make it so fresh (YM!)
So fly so priceless (CMB bitch!)
Just another day on the
Top floor of the balcony bitch
Live it how we live it
Moula, Drizzy
You what it is, young boy appreciate that
Yeah it's big money popping baby boy
Ain't none of that little bitty
More, more, more, milly
More, more, more, milly

[Verse 1 - Birdman]
Yeah, ostrich pearl white candy paint job fly
Big timer on the loose
Got my bitch riding five
And every time I pull up, you know I'm iced up
When I step up in the club, I light the bitch up
Back on my saddle, blowing purple out the truck
Candy paint, rally stripe, bitch shining like us
Pearl white Maybach, hatchback
Automatic strap stash spot under the rack
Bitch, ready to spray that
Foreign grinds, hard times
Getting mines, you know Uptown, big time, doing time
You know, Harley Davis baby
Cash Money is what pay me so you pay me how it weigh, baby
Black, gold, hundred mill' off the floor
Never told now you know how it go bitch
One hundred

Little bitty
More, more, more, milly
Hustle to the ceiling
More, more, more, milly
Hustle to the ceiling

[Verse 2 - Drake]
You're now fucking with the most requested
The young nigga that everybody is so obsessed with
That black on black '62 float majestic
Me and Stunna in it, boy I'm just so connected
Caught up in a popularity contest
About to reach my dreams and I ain't even got my arms stretched
"Thank Me Later", first week I'm taking all bets
Because a million copies really isn't farfetched
Yeah, I keep credit cards in cash knots
I keep my darkest shades on till the flash stops
This for my L.A. girls getting them implants
And all my D.C. girls getting them ass shots
Got them for a reason shortie, go ahead bust it open
I keep a secret baby, nothing's heard when nothing's spoken
Haters talk it like my buzz isn't enough promotion
And I just lost the Gucci sandal in the fucking ocean
Damn, I guess the problems of a teen star
Are confused all the conversations I had between y'all
And dog that's funny
Pay me what you owe me nigga, all cash money


[Verse 3 - Bun B]
Well it's that big body nigga in his big body car
Got a big body bopper with that million dollar car
She said "daddy I like sushi, so give it to me raw"
I pulled out my strap, had them look at it and said "naw"
So car full of kush, you need prescriptions to access
Laying on a mattress with your favorite actress
My flow was going out, I said "baby pass the matches"
Then let her top me off while I'm tapping off the ashes
Classic but classless, you gassed up but gasless
A legend here, Bun said it, nigga get past it
Taking what you got, you should of passed it
You was moving slower than molasses, this time you an assed it
Give it up smooth, this a jack don't move
This is murder music nigga don't disturb this groove
2 Trill Ent., Cash Money, and A Koppa Zone
We true players, die, till the last chromosome