Mother Lyrics

by Cindy Morgan

For nine months you carried me softly inside you
And harbored me there safe and warm
And picked out my names and bought new picture frames
And I'm sure only God loved me more.

Kicking and screaming I came to life dreaming
And loving the sounds of your words.
But pretty soon I had a mind of my own
And a voice speaking out to be heard.

Oh, Mother, mother, we started out with a bang
Oh, Mother, mother, its funny how quickly things changed

You feel you gave up too much to be with me
And you never had enough help
Your middle ages and your mid-life rages
Do you feel that youve lost yourself?

And you try to control me and manipulate me
But love is a much stronger tool
So speak to me kindly and show some respect
And I promise I'll show some to you...

Oh, Mother, mother, your pictures up there on the wall.
Oh, Mother, mother, but its like I dont know you at all.

For whatever reason mother & daughter
Live on a double-edged sword.
One day I love you, the next day I hate you
Until we dont talk anymore

As my daughters blue eyes and
They stare back up at me.
And I love them more than my own breath.
Times gonna tell if I have listened well
If Ive learned anything from all this

Oh, Mother, mother, I know theres more to you than this
Oh, Mother, oh, mother, do you think that we could be friends

Oh, Mother, mother, I think that we could be friends.