Moving On Lyrics

by The Used

I might have so far to go
And the moments left behind
Started grasping for air forgot
That I'm still breathing
Swallow the pain
And thought I didn't need it
Didn't need it at all
When I watch the cut heal
I know my hearts still beating
It's safe to say that nothing lasts forever
This night cannot escape tomorrow
We'll keep moving on
Move through the storm
Until we see what we've become
When there's no road for us to follow
We'll keep moving on
Might not have so far to go
Just to leave the mess behind
I see the sun coming up
I know it's worth believing
Haven't lost my mind
Haven't lost the feeling
Its been there all along
It makes me feel strong to know
My hearts stil beating
Its getting old we've been here for so long
So feel the beat of my heart moving on