My Bad Lyrics

by Lloyd Banks

most hated idont giv a fuck they gon giv me all mine back/my award my applause gota rule the world mind trak/...just weed im crack everything that breathe get hi/whr my money bitch im back run off wit the shit you die/ gheto and a trip dubai new fit too fly hot day blue ski lifes a bitch cute eyes/ pitty any one who try/really only one like him/ never been a boy too live, no tellin whr that hoe mite been/ marijauna out my skin white benz white rims/boy i go hella hard in the paint like shaq like tim/enemies fall we rise/ street tied keep knives aint no time to slip gotta stay awake sleep die, v5/ v12/ you hit a nigga up dust aup puta nigga on a trak/ i go nitro physco hear a nigga rap other niggas