My Girl Is Calling Me A Liar Lyrics

by Chromeo

Let's keep the screaming, and the fighting,
and the crying to a minimum.
And if the kitchen don't work,
We can fight in the living room.

You try to hurt me when you say
you'll find another date
and memories of me will fade away.

You try to hurt me and deny
that I was an okay guy
and I'm just left here wondering why.

My girls callin' me...
My girls callin' me a liar.
My girl is callin' me a jerk.
(you jerk)

You got to realize
this will not be a lie.
I was not trying to hide the fact,
it's the truth thats in disguise.

See what you fail to see
is it wasn't a fantasy.
But little by little,
all the things and the pressure
just got the best of me.

(I should call P right now)

Dave 1: She doesn't listen to a single word I say.
P-thugg: Just give the girl some time and she will come around your way.
Dave 1: Man, I ain't got time to waste and I'm tired of fights.
P-thugg: You got to be patient with the woman of your life.
Dave 1: Look, I tried to tell her but, uh, she's cussing me out.
P-thugg: Just take her to the movies and you gotta work it out.
Dave 1: that's it?
P-thugg: Yup
Dave 1: Really? alright then, good night P.
P-thugg: Good night.