Next Sunday Darlin' is My Birthday Lyrics

by Hank Williams

(a) next sunday darlin' is my birth -(e7) day,
A day that should be free from (a) care,
Best wishes and con - grat - u - (e7) la - tions,
But only sorrow fills the (a) air.

First chorus

While (e7) friends are singing happy birth- (a) day,
There'll (b7) be smile upon my (e7) face,
But (a) when they're gone, the smile will (e7) vanish,
A broken heart will take it's (a) place.

Another year has come and gone now,
The plans I made have gone a - stray,
The day that should be filled with laughter,
Will only be another day.

Second chorus

The little house we planned to - gether,
Is empty now without you dear,
But in my dreams you're there be - side me,
So let me dream that you are here.