Next To Me Lyrics

by R3nz

Let me start by saying from the heart you're my queen/
There's nothing to fear when you're standing next to me/
I'mma hold you down, make you smile when you frown/
You're having a hard day, I'mma always be around/
So forget the rainy days, I replace em with some sun rays/
You're my new craze, sweeter than my last rap phrase/
Yeah we both know you've been hurt in the past/
But in a race to win baby girl I never come last/
So you'll never worry bout me being unfaithful/
When dinner time comes I'll always be at the table/
I'll be your Prince William, you be my Kate/
Show you real love, yeah real meaning of fate/
See loves a tough road but I'll never make you cry/
Until the end of time, Love you for life, I'mma ride or die/
You need someone to talk to, don't look further than I/
Your family ain't got to worry cause I'm standing by your side/