On My Way Lyrics

by Tamia

Aah, hey baby, where are you going baby?
Hey, want to give me a ride, got get to where I'm going real fast
Ain't got no time to waste, thing here, I'm not about to stay here
There are children on street, with no food to eat

I see them there, I said I got to get away
I'm on my way

I gotta escape this poverty, I gotta find a new reality
Don't try and stop me boy, I'm on my way
So light me a cigarette, cruise in a plane
Take a trip to Paris, maybe Spain, yeah

Oh, I've got to get there, take me away, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, I'm on my way

Hey, I'm on my way, you can stay, I'll leave you here
You'd be a fool if you like what's here, hey
I got to get there, hey, hey, hey, I'm on my way
Many places you can go, no one ever said I never told you so
I'm on my way

I've got to get there, got get there, hey, hey, hey
I'm on my way

Don't give a damn, don't really care
Given you all I got, I've got to share, yeah
I'm on my way

Shut the door, you can lock me out
I don't give a damn, I'm heading south, hey
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
I'm on my way, I'm on my way