One Was Johnny Lyrics

by Carole King

One was Johnny, one was Johnny

1, was Johnny who lived by himself
2, was a rat who jumped on his shelf
3, was a cat who chased the rat
4, was a dog who came in and sat

5, was a turtle who bit the dog's tail
6, was a monkey who brought in the mail
7, a blackbird pecked poor Johnny's nose

One was Johnny

8, was a tiger out sellin' old clothes
9, was a robber who took an old shoe
10, was a puzzle, what should Johnny do

One was Johnny

He stood on a chair and said,
Here's what I'll do, I'll start to count backwards
And when I am through
If this house isn't empty, I'll eat, all of you

9 was the robber who left lookin' pale
8 was the tiger who chased him to jail
7 was the blackbird flew off to Havana
6 was the monkey who stole a banana

5 was the turtle who crawled off to bed
4 was the dog who slid home on a sled
One was Johnny
3 was the cat who pounced on the rat
2 was the rat who left with the cat and

One was Johnny, one was Johnny
One was Johnny

1 was Johnny who lived by himself
And liked it like that

One was Johnny