Our Love Affair Lyrics

by Frank Sinatra

Here we are two very bewildered people
Here we are two babes that are lost in the wood
We're not quite certain what has happened to us
This lovely thing that's so marvelous
But right from here the future looks awfully good

Our love affair was meant to be
It's me for you dear and you for me
We'll fuss, we'll quarrel and tears start to brew
But after the tears our love will smile through

I'm sure that I could never hide
The thrill I get when you're by my side
And when we're older we'll proudly declare
Wasn't ours a lovely love affair?

Our love affair will be such fun
We'll be the envy of everyone
Those famous lovers we'll make them forget
From Adam and Eve to Scarlett and Rhett

When youth has had its merry fling
We'll spend our evenings remembering
Two happy people who say on the square
Isn't ours a lovely love affair?