Out Of Mind Lyrics

by The Virginmarys

With the weight of the world and the bright lights in my eyes
Ill be out for the count long before that next sunrise.
And Ill lose my head, and Ill find you there,
Looking for a bed and a body to share tonight.
You feel so fine, and the world spins out of time,
When everybodys out of their fuckin minds

So we move through the bars see the stars fall from the skies,
And I cruise through the pride like a dead dog in disguise,
The night takes a twist, seems theres something I missed,
Im kissed by a fist and the morning sees through two black eyes.
And I go blind, as the world spins out of time,
And everybodys out of their fuckin minds.

The bright lights have chased me into a hole,
The warning signs as time takes its toll.
Breathe, take some leave, let it flow.... let it go.