Panic!!!!!! Lyrics

by The Roots

I woke up in the darkness at twelve seventeen, to shots and sirenes
Look out the window, peep the high beams
Now, they searchin', the cops lookin' for the person
That pulled the trigga

Medical figures is nursin' the kid that got shot
Some innocent ak, that would front
To flip the rock on them, at King Street block
I tried to tell him to stop 'cuz yo, it's ghetto red hot

Similar to the blood, now floodin' his top
I take a step out the spot, to the point of attack
And see the shorty, wop heart blast, out his back
Damn, I'm thinkin', it don't cease, it's no more peace

Police level increase but what the fuck
It's still crime on the streets
I can't breathe, now what's goin' on?
One minute you alive, the next, you're gone

Illadel P H I A, hell
Bust off into the heavens, for the nigga, who fell
And hit the L, for the niggaz, who fell
When that could have been prevented

In front of the flat, your moms rented
And no one expect that from you, 'cuz you was timid
Fuckin' with them, cats from outside city limits
Funny, how this whole thing changed, an off minute

Yo, dig it, panic
None of this is ever granted
Drownin' in a nightmare, stranded