Peace of Paper/Cup of Jayzus Lyrics

by Lupe Fiasco

Sometimes Dreams, peace of paper I got reams,
Where the D go? , put that on a rose and now you
Pronounce it hero, U see?
Lu see like La Brea & Pico, with Binoculars on my peephole,
I feel my best work was album zero,
Now with Deniro its boo Boo in my backyard and,
Ben burnt down my gazebo that Deniro's ah casino
Wit spit in the sandwich of the police though,
They ain't see the steel plate up under my seat though
Still play it like Shaquille but I can free throw
I ain't playing but I compete, I ain't a player but I'm complete,
Win winner the mason mind can't sign if the pens Templar,
Night vision on white linen is still green,
Peace of Paper I got reams, make it rain
To make em smile, now rake it into piles
And buy ya self some style, prom night/cat walk
Prepare the suit for weeks, or effortless as a Parisian
Just walking down the street, I ain't in it
I just walking round some beats,
Some teeth neighborhood watching,
Made of good options, mastermind x
Neighborhood hoodie take the hood shopping,
Back track to stolen plates
Whats a closed wallet to an open safe,
Peace of Paper/Cup of Jayzus what we writing?
These ain't entendres these is secret indictments,
Litte secret excitements
For willing minds I'm feeling fine,
Balling hard and killing rhymes,
Knocking off bigs and stealing shines,
Aw shawty/Sade is it crime?,
To DMV everytime until I give em license
They waiting on lines,
Peace of Paper I'm Kerry James
Commissions fly as the Constitution as a plane,
Peace of Paper Cup of JAYZUS what we doing?
Pizza Lasers or Cup of Razors
What u choosing?
Choosy mothers choose the smoothest peanut butters
And more cognizant fathers do George Washington Carver,
A break from the paper it means do u identify more
With the/what's made or the maker?
I'm what's being chased
I'm not the chaser
Cup of JAYZUS Peace of Paper.

Paper, paper make a plane & paper make it rain
But how fly is a paper plane in the rain?
I'm fly paper on the brain
This and 2 ply paper just ain't the same
Do do it for the bottom
But the air is where I can stop em
Threw words like 2 birds, that's Batman and Robin
To answer the hunches that's just how I throw my punches
We must somehow become a family that's why I throw em in bunches
Mushroom clouds or on the flow/floor with the fungus
If you look em up from the foot to where he put his crown
The slow Pan to understand is Shaq on the shoulders of Yao
Over and over for miles, woo!
Peace of Paper, Cup of JAYZUS made a movie
Thank God on Friday, then buy a ruby on tuesdee, woo!
A couple beats from Jay, a couple beats from Ye
& Make food for thought, that's a restaurant in a day!
It would behoove thee
The critics say that I fell off I acknowledge I slipped
But what do you call falling from space into a bottomless pit?
And Not pit like Lui Kang can knock Baraka off with a hit
Knock it off for a bit
What would be really funny if I blew up after Drizzy
And started from the bottomless back to the topless like a watcher of Strips
Peace of Paper, Cup of JAYZUS, bout it, bout it
Don't let ya inner fears result in a outer coward,
From baby showers to 80 flowers upon my coffin roof,
The upper class glass is not filled up with the coughing proof,
Be more P and step ya Yessirs up,
P-O-P! Jayzus a cup of Courage, I can't can't
Thats double negative like 2 earls,
They really nice but they'll never touch the cup its like I gave it two girls,
This my odd future out in front the Supreme shop,
Fly as Rick Ross out in front of a Wing Stop,
Thought Kick Push was about drugs,
Its not but just to be super sure,
But from your perspective it might seem
Like Supreme out in front of the Odd Future Store,
So that skaters and skiers,
Nose grinders and grinding up
Nose powders with ether,
Not an Earl diss either but he might think it be and be like
"Lu's new should be Mr.Pure 2positve Shakur and 2 be sure he's
Not that really nice, That 2 girls and cup line sucked it really means
He just gave a cup to himself...twice"
You just witnessed a double, a probable Odd Future diss in the future
And me ghostwritting my own rebuttals,
You can't do that with a single cup,
You gone need a couple, you can do that gone need a couple
Got my shot on the rocks, but don't stop pouring til it's a puddle
Peace of Paper Cup of JAYZUS what's the drive?
Greatest Rapper Alive or Greatest That Died?
Then on judgement day it's greatest rapper revived
Oh look who's here the greatest rappers' arrived!!
At the birthday party the greatest rapper surprised!!!
Bumped into Doom the greatest rappers collide
Everybody dead but AZ the greatest rapper survived
I'm not the greatest rapper... the greatest rappers' a lie, woo!
Got the same points as Lux the greatest rappers a tie
Told Jean, Foxy, & Rah the greatest rappers' a girl
They said the greatest rappers' a guy
Phone rang it was Ghost he said "Kiss the greatest rapper... Goodbye!"
Chris said Common, Common said Kweli, Talib I'm sure it's Mos Definitely!!
Peace of Paper Cup of JAYZUS
Smack might have the greatest but now I'm just playing favorites
Playing flavored to be reminiscent of Miles on smack playing faded,