Power 97 Freestyle Lyrics

by Cassidy

Now im setting the threat,
but now im recording they sendin check, man ill stash half the cash and spend the rest, and i would of been broke like yall if i aint invest, we both got ice and cars but i aint in debt, a lot of vets need to give rhymin a rest, yall sound like has beens and i aint impressed, im dyin a bet, you feel as though i aint the best, prove im lyin if i aint correct, call me doc ill give you dark shots but i aint the vet, and i got dough so i aint upset, a-yo i threw the drop on micheal jays and the top gone, the insides butter like microwaved pop corn, so stop drawin, its gone be hard to move me, swizz the monster, he can star in a horror movie, usaully ill click fast and bang yo bitch ass, aint nothin change i got cane for the quick cash, for change i whip past, aim and blitass, the kid cass got the game on smitash, slime and splitass, im tryin to stack money high, give me money till i die, give me 25, man i might not be alive when im 25, thats why i carry 2 nines and the 25, i sell 20s that'll get you dummy high, bagged in a one twenty five, one twenty five, threw 20's on the 5 my coochie rate sky rocketed, look ock im a pimp thats why i rock chit-chit, sis got the it now she tryin to cop me ish, bitches stop givin the throw to go shoppin wit, pop the ish, your mic didnt deserve it, but it happened be happy she didnt get you murdered, ima straight cannon, and im gettin the cake cannon, and i be out of state tannin, eatin on baked salmon, straight scramblin tryin to sell a gram of yay, but your strip only get a grand a day, and its 10 of yall on it, pretendin yall doin it, so you dont get stacks boy, you a pack boy, be on the corner for a 100 hours, sellin murder fo this coke and only going for a 100 dollars, you could probably get some money if you come and holla, cuz i got haze and i cop k's, so my block made heavy money, my weed fluffy and got red huuur like peggy bundy, i got 20's come cop from the house, cuz the green you got garbage like oscar the groutch, i got more change than you got in my couch, and the next cat scream my name gone get shot in da mouth.


look, i got the hip on stroll and a whole notebook of raps,every bar raw when i write its like cookin crack, i got mean street team that be pushin packs, im gettin gravy like the 80s, i took it back, i watch niggas on the block, get shook and rat, seen niggas serve the wrong fein and get booked for that, i watched niggas tryin to floss and get took for that, so between the draws and the jeans where i put the gat.