Pretty Girl From Michigan Lyrics

by Avett Brothers

Can you not see what you've done?
You gave your heart away like that
I didn't want to fall in love
With anyone, but you did
I can still hear the song
The melody behind the kiss that you gave me
You were wrong, I was right
So I walked away
And left you there alone
I got so tired of talking on the telephone
How many times would we say the words goodbye?
I made mistakes
And one was telling you that I'd be there
When telling time had come
I should have said I didn't care
Oh, the time I would have saved
If I had been less willing to accommodate
You'd been a little less likely to cry
You go back to the high life
And I'll go back to the low
I should have known, but now I know
There'll be no words from you
Describing how it felt to go through what I put you through
It all makes perfect sense
The way you cut the rope
That kept you dangling from such pitiful amounts of hope
I would have cut it, too