Resentment Lyrics

by Jazmine Sullivan

i wish i could believe you then i'll be alright but now everything u told me really dont apply to the way i feel inside lovin u was easy once upon a time but now my suspisions of u have multiplied and its all because you lied and i may never understand why im doin the best that i can but i just cant seem to get over the way u hurt me dont know why you gave another who didnt mean a thing the very thing you gave to me i thought i could forgive you and i know you've changed as much as i wanna trust u i know it aint the same as before this woman came i loved you more than ever more than my own life the best part of me i gave you and it was saccrafice and u broke ur word that nite and i only give u hard time cause i cant go on and pretend like i dont remember feelin like i was no good like i couldnt do it for u just like she could i no she was attractive but i here first been ridin with u for years why did i deserve to be treated this way by you i know u probaly thinkin wutz up with jazzy it sounds like a 50's record but that alrite with me