Ride Of Our Lives Lyrics

by Taylor Swift

It's 10am, I catch the morning train,
And there you are, you smile, with a seat you've saved,
Saying "hey, i've been waiting for ya".
We'd talk about our dreams, you'd talk 'bout everything,
We'd go so loud, but we don't care,
Cause all we care is that we're having so much fun.
You'd tell me 'bout your life, you'd learn a bit 'bout mine,
And just like that I swear it's like we've known each other our whole lives.

And this moment is perfect.
Train tracks grind still everyone can hear us.
Don't you dare be quiet.
This journey's ours, yeah this journey's ours.

Lets take the ride of our lives.
This is the moment where the chemistry happens,
Yeah that special connection.
These are the days of our lives.
These are the times you'll never forget.
Never regret as long as we ride here side by side.
We can speak, we can dream,
This is our time, you and me,
Lets have the ride of our lives.

As we watch the world outside the window past,
Id pray, hoping that this moment lasts.
Its hard not to laugh out loud baby when you crack a joke.
Youve got me smiling, got me thinking that Ive got it all.
You make a promise to me; promise this will be our tradition,
Cause every time we ride together its like stranger than fiction.
I dont ever want this train ride to come to an end,
But when it does baby, we can do it all over again.

And the trains coming to a stop,
Im still so lost in you I cant bare to get off.
You kiss me on the spot.
See you tomorrow, yeah tomorrow we can