Ring Bellz Lyrics

by Cyhi Da Prynce

My life is so historical
You re talking to the oracle
Am I the prince?
The question is rhetorical
People scream my name when I am riding down memorial
Black and orange Chevy like I am playing for the Orioles
Black and white bitch yeah that s my little oreo
. this is how the story go
I used to see my past in . Giorgio
Not thought about myself speaking at the
Talking about real life shit like the Maury show
Low book full of pictures that s my portfolio
Every time I quarter flow talking about
. I am my own publicist
Just wrote a book
Try to find someone to publish it
Black panther speaking out in public
Who never cut a brick . Women
I am the wrong one to cuddle with
Only show love to the people that I struggle with
I am doing well but my flow is the sickest
Plus my name ring bellz like it s Christmas
my name ring bellz like it s Christmas (repeats)
I ain t no rapist son living in Babylon

Ask me for weed but even if I had I m blind
I wouldn t smoke it even if I had the time
Fuck a pen I use a magic one
I am in the studio it s usually where the magic it s done
Yeah nigger berry me at Avalon
I would have never had a son
You hear designer phones every time I . on
The microphone is ringing like a DADa phone
I am in the hood that you . walk a mile along
Thought the palace catch me in the battle zone
Automatic . watch me get my ride along
The only thing left is ashes and a . of bones
Yeah everybody knows me
You murder princess nigger that s like a trophy
Haters wanna ride on me like yo shit
Cause I got the girl running promote me
Ice . with the movies but I don t know smoky
They say my flow is magic and trickery sales
My name rang louder than the liberty bell