Rivers Of Ice Lyrics

by Simple Minds

Don't need the money nothing can buy
All that I feel under the skies
Shadows were falling, my heart beat inside
We walk through the fields to the rivers of ice

Days turn to color and darkness to light
She said, I want you, I need you, I want you in my life
With love in the shadows, the blood rushed inside
Carry on little savior to the end of the line

I get high forever
Runs dry forever
Ooh forever

It's been so many years now and I still can't forget
Love flew like an eagle in God's wilderness
Shadows were falling, oh my heart beat inside
We kissed on the bridge above the rivers of ice

I get high
The river runs dry, oh forever
I get high forever
The river runs dry

She tells me
She tells me

Oh, end of the line
Shadows were falling
Rivers are dry