Run To You Lyrics

by Rasmus

Tomorrows taking me away from you
Like a jealous lover
Kiss me one last time
Before I go down this broken road I follow
You will leave me torn
And sting me like
A thorn from a dying rose
The saddest scent of you will cling to me
I know

I will run to you
When my journeys over
Wait for me
Keep our love alive
I will dream of you
Till I reach the sun
Then Ill turn around and run
To you

If I stay with you and linger here
Another moment
I will fade into the scenery
You wouldnt even see me
Ive got nothing left to offer you
Its not that I dont care
All I ask is that you think of me
I swear


I hate to see you cry
The way you look away
Makes me wanna die