San Quentin Lyrics

by Johnny Cash

I was thinking about you guy yesterday
I've been here three times before, and
I think I understand a little bit how you feel about some things
It's none of my business how you feel about some other things
And I don't give a damn about how you feel about some of the things

But anyways
I try to put myself in your place
And I believe this is the way that I would feel about San Quentin

San Quentin, you've been livin' hell to me.
You've hosted me since nineteen sixty three
I've seen 'em come and go and I've seen 'em die
And long ago I stopped askin' why

San Quentin, I hate every inch of you.
You've cut me and have scarred me through and thru.
And I'll walk out a wiser weaker man;
Mister Congressman, you can't understand.

(San Quentin)

San Quentin, what good do you think you do?
Do you think I'll be different when you're through?
You bent my heart and mind and you warp my soul;
And you stone walls turn my blood a little cold

San Quentin, may you rot and burn in hell.
May your walls fall down and may I live to tell.
May all the world forget you ever stood.
And may all the world regret you did no good.

San Quentin, I hate every inch of you

Thank you very much
(One more time) One more time?
Hey, before we do it, if uh
Any of the guards are still speaking to me, could I have a glass of water?