Satin Summer Nights Lyrics

by Paul Simon

I been sleeping on the roof of my building
It's cooler than the street
I been watching the setting sun
As it bounces off the avenue turning into gold dust at my feet

Carlos and Yolanda dancing in the hallway
To an old melody
Spanish eyes and soft brown curls
My love, my love, come to me

I believe I'm in the power of Saint Lazarus
And he holds me in his sight
I know that these jitterbug days I'm livin'
Well, they won't last for all of us
But they'll last for a long summer night

I can feel the fire in her eyes
Tonight, tonight
Under satin summer skies

Baby, baby, baby
Be my special one
I seen you move in from across the street
I like the way you walk, I love the way you run

Baby, baby
No more baby talk
Papi, this ain't Mayaguez
This is the island of Nueva York

We'll go through the projects
Make-out on the roofs
An' count the stars like silver studs on
My motorcycle boots

Tengan cuidado con ese tipo
Ay verdad te digo, ese tipo es tan sucio

You wastin' your time here man, sucio
They don't know what I do
Little ghetto weeds
I feel like killin' you.

Banana-colored light-skinned spics
You feel your peel so fine?
I'm Hernandez, The Umbrella Man
Your future's locked in mine

The Chaplains and The Golden Guineas
The Red Wings and The Crowns
The Mighty Mau Maus, those Shines from Brooklyn
They want to cut The Vampires down

The Savage Skulls, The Fordham Baldies
They'll treat you like you're piss
From the heart of the barrio, now my brother
We tell them mother fuckers suck on this

I think we got something to talk about here
You're a coolie from the turf.
That's cool, but you don't get no respect around
Here unless you belong to a bopping gang
I mean, you either belong or you get hurt
Or you could buy some protection from me

'Cause if someone's got to die
To pay for the shit they done
I believe in an eye for an eye
And what you believe in, Salvador Agron?
Mr. Agron?
Senor Agron?

I believe I'm in the power of St. Lazarus
And he holds me in his sight
I believe he watches over us all
Don't tear apart this satin summer night