Sayin' Goodbye Lyrics

by Miley Cyrus

Never thought we'd meet again, here expecially.
When you left, it hurt so much,
Never got to say goodbye.

Don't say you'll stay
if your gonna go again.
Can't help but think
your gonna leave me in the rain.
Every time I see
your photo I can't help but cry
cause you left without a word
and i didn't get to say goodbye
Cause you left without a word
and I didn't get to say, goodbye

I sit alone and watch the stars
but it's just not the same.
And i feel a tear roll down my cheek
every time i hear your name.

I sit alone and play your favorite song
and tears fall as i sing along

The tears are falling fast
I can't even breathe,
when I close my eyes
your all I see.


Oh Oh
Didn't get to say
Didn't get to say


say goodbye...