Several Ways to die Tryin Lyrics

by Dashboard Confessional

Pacific sun, you should have warned us, it gets cold here
And the night can freeze before you set it on fire
And our flames go unnoticed
Diminished, faded just as soon as ther are fired

We are, we are, intrigued. We are, we are, invisible
Oh, how we've shouted, how we've screamed
Take notice, take interest, take me with you
But all our fears on deaf ears

Tonight, they're burning the roads they built to lead us to the light
And blinding our hearts with their shining lies
While closing our caskets cold and tight, but I'm dying to live

Pacific sun, you should have warned us, these heights are dizzying
And the climb can kill you long before the fall
And our trails go unmarked and unmapped
And covered just as soon as they are crossed

We are, we are, intriguing. We are, we are, desirable