Shany Shia Lyrics

by Ashanti

{Hey Shia, Shia
Come on you gotta come and practice this song
'Cause mommy's comin' home soon
And you know she gonna wanna hear it
So come on Shia I know its hard or whatever
But as long as you keep on practicing you'll be fine
Umm you know what let's just try to warm up with that old record
We used to do back in the day

I gotta get out and learn what life's about
Be sure that you're the one for me
And if so I know but now I don't
So let me go and see

{You remember that other part it used to go
Umm, how's it go?}

Let me go let me go

{Yea I remember that part}

Let me go let me go, for me

{Is that right Shany?}

{Yeah yeah that's good
And the last part was}