Shes The Woman Lyrics

by Van Halen

A little low on cash
But I'm high on luck
I want to be your knight
in shining pick-up truck
With a Chevy for my summer home
Let's get the party started
It's looking like the city towed
my other apartment...
Got a doorbell sign says
"Bring it or don't ring it"
She's the woman...

Fate is my pimp
But she was cool
Says "If you're doin' business with me honey,
what does that make you?"
Some Casablanca gin joint
You're a nervous wreck
Your IQ plummets fourteen points
Her thunder thong
around your neck
The song ain't dirty
It's really just the way I sing it.
She's the woman...

She wanted something to regret
Tomorrow morning
This suburban garage-a-tois
Was worth exploring
Yes, dreams come true
But what remains to be seen
By the time mine usually do
In no longer me
She had a doorbell sign that said
"You better bring it or don't ring it"
She's the woman...