Shots After Shots Lyrics

by Three 6 Mafia

{ chorus }
ima drink beer and ima get high and ima take shots till the day i die x;2
shots after shots MORE,x;6 shots till the day i die

{ DJ Paul verse }

on the stage high man a playa straight rockin
the hoes in here straight drunk and straight jockin
we fightin and we bouncin securtiy please stop it
a used up blonde so a dude straight stoppin
shirts off goin berhn bitches act wild
pullin shirts up show her titties in the crowd
broads kissin broads drinkin vodka through a funnel
one so drunk she push me to fronto
and she can drink tequila like it goin out a style
thinkin to myself this is my kinda gal

{ Chorus )

{ Juicy J verse }

If you real drunk let me hear ya holla WHOA!
a 12 jager shot and a 5th of dat patrone
its nigga's night we done left our wives at home
we bout to get wild like the fuckin rollin stones
ima party specialist high time wreckless
i have orgys i got evidence never had a ring
like fuckin cellabate
i hang low like a trunk on a elephant
ima part time jiggalo like deuce biggalo
when im stoned i talk like the stereo
DJ Paul -> (man im geeked up)
when i roll they call me niggaro
im on a boat im on a boat
Im on a boat Im on a boat
im gettin drunk im gettin drunk
im doin dope im doin dope
i popped pill i popped a pill
its time to roll its time to roll
a little somethin for my headche when im gone

{ Chrous }

{ Tech N9ne Verse }

CHA! they told me i go hard
it's time to put some chicks on this boy
to dance and get my dick hard
ima lit star wit a guitar bashin it and breakin it
passionate for takin sips
passed a lick gotta make it quick
tried to grab the chick who's shakin tits
vodka to the black guy N9NE chug it!
monster that awakes my guy love it!
cops cam to the place my reply suck it!
pop shots until the day i die fuck it!
CHA! time to drink up the KC Tea
enough beer to stuff me and make me pee
keep it comin i can play BP
come on and play the number n9ne i got with the 3
chicks are droppin ya got to the liqour and poppin the top
im bout to kick it to my jail call chicks are gettin it
drinkin up the cup with it and gettin crazy with cha hell nah!

{ Chrous }