Silence (Album Version) Lyrics

by Kate Earl

I know it's there, burnin' to shine out
I know it's there, itchin', scratchin', just a shout
Buried, treasured safe
Waiting for perfect reason, perfect ways

When will you dare to wipe that furrow from your brow?
Can't get nowhere halfway
So I'll be here till your break
Till you say that you love me, that you love me

'Cause I'm left accountable for everything I gained
You've shown too many other ways for me to call in vain
This is just a stupid secret, shared too many times
It's kinda like this thing that I would let go if I'm wise

Sorta like a war field that sometimes makes me cry
You look just like someone I know, I know but cannot tell a lie
Cannot say, cannot say that you love me
That you love me

If I could just promise myself
What I've never had
If I could just lose myself
I'm better off, much better off