Silly Lyrics

by David Banner

Yeah, live and direct, it's your boy 9thmatic
King of N.C., True School, nice set it
Jay-Z, Mary Blige, Erykah the credit
Read between the lines
I said it, I meant it
And as long as I'm getting paper then it's all copacetic
Yeah, it's Cadillac if it's money on deck
Checks I'm into balling
The beat tape brawler
Make the beat fall back
Early in the morning
Get your game up cause
It's early in the quarter and I'm just getting started
New jacks getting respect from true cats
I just call it bad news beck
So what I'm in it for
I come highly recommended, folk
Grab spinning gwap, what it's hittin' fo'
9th Wonder, once again, now I'm signing off
True School, JAMLA, Academy
And I'm the boss
Who gave Clifford Harris rubber bands
Heat from Wayne Carter ass
Maurice, Young Thug, Holiday, look I'm just saying
Why you put your name before your beat and don't thank me
I did Tip Drill
Slide the cards through your ass cheeks
Ask me if you don't get a beat from LC or PD
Then your mp3's weak
Lavell Crump or Patrick Douthit
David Banner, 9th Wonder
Big Face is the clique, trick