Sometimes I Wonder What I'm Gonna Do! Lyrics

by Who

Sometimes I Wonder What I'm Gonna Do! Also known as Hitler's Vindidication:
author: Pied Piper
Jul 23, 2008 14:42

The Who wrote the best version of Summertime Blues, but the final verse needed work, so I wrote a new final verse. This should be folk music by now. Wouldn't you like to honor the last of the Jesus Freak Kid's clan? Well here's a third verse that The Who or you might want to do!

Gonna take two secs, gonna write a fine tune for the JFK kin!
Gonna sing this song till word comes in he went larfing!
Teddy couldn't get it up! Dumped the chick in the drink!
They said, "We have to fix your head cause your brain's on the blink!"
"Sometime's I wonder what I'm gonna do! There ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues!"

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-day Satan's evil is going away.

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Today! "I'm the Pied Piper!"

Psst! Devil's Children!
Never supposed to be known
Where you be going!

Point the finger and wag the tongue!
Before you know it, you'll be done!