Stay Cool Lyrics

by Classified

Amanda (

Spoken: Ahhh, damn it's hot in here... but ya know what?

I stay cool (yes I will)
I stay cool (oh yes I will)

I stay cool
I need to unwind and loosen up
Lay back and chill out
Cause I don't feel like doing much
I need to calm down, take a break
Kick back, relax, let the day just fade away
And yeah I guess it is the weekend
And my boy wants to club hop
But I can barely stay awake
I'm lampen, give me a hammock and a sandwich and I'm chillin
Plus I don't play the dating game
Nah I'm staying home playing crazy eights
Maybe blaze a J
Play some old Jay-Z tapes (uhh)
Or I can play a lil Babyface
Get my lady in the mood
And bang her with my babycakes
The world is running at a dangerous pace
To keep up we've got these red bulls and gatorades
I'm trying to slow down and walk this amazing race
Oh life is such a crazy place
But I stay cool (yes I will)
I stay cool (oh yes I will)
I stay cool (x2)

And when you're on your last nerve, stay cool
When the heat's on, chill
Under pressure, calm down, breathe to the beat
Stay cool under pressure
Chill when the heat's on
Calm down, breathe to the beat

Now can you hear the calmness of my voice
The coolness of my flow
The relaxed attitude
When I choose to let it go
Everybody's too excited
Worried, gettin amped up
Feelin like a prisoner
Handcuffed with their hands up (get em up)
Nah bring it down a bit
I like the energy
But in the right amount of it
I'm trying to stay cool and calm
When we're living in express mode
Tryin to hustle hard
And turn our shack into the penthouse
Puddle to a lake
Canoe into the love boat
Upgrade your life
But without sunshine it's sunstroke
It's too hot
And I realize got a way to go
And all I need to get me there
Is water and a way to flow
If you ain't happy broke
You won't be happy rich
Don't spend your whole life unhappy
Tryin to capture it
Relax a bit
Loosen up your suit and tie
And your collar quick
Before you call it quits
And stay cool (yes I will)
I stay cool (oh yes I will)
I stay cool (x2)


And I don't need no stunner shades
I keep it cool like a rain shower
On a hot summer's day
Sweating in the running race
Push on (and on)
When it's hard for you to go on
Cause life's tough and life's f***ed
And so on and so on
The bills don't stop
The rent's not paid
The baby's crying, mamma's yellin
'Nother hot day
And when you sweatin
And you bought to blow ya top through the roof
Take a breath and breathe man
Don't lose your cool (I stay cool)
I stay cool (yes I will)
I stay cool (oh yes I will)
I stay cool