Stranger Lyrics

by Lissie

i thought you said that you were single
so what's that thing your hanging
'round your finger
you caught me all alone
when a knock came at the door
that brought me to my feet
and dropped you to the floor

oh wait a minute now stranger
im not sure I like your angle
no, i gotta go

when shove comes to push
and push comes to shove
you're not the kind of man
that i want to give my love
i covered up my bruises
and gave away my sins
so what makes you think
that i would let you in


and my manner is a matter of taste
i warned you that you were
only wasting your time
i asked nicely, please get out of my face
excuse me i'm not yours i am mine


so save yourself the trouble
when this thing blows
you'll just be rubble..