Stranger Lyrics

by Rick Springfield

Look at me baby, tell me what you see
Am I the one you love or am I your enemy?
You can turn your head, I can wash my hands
But I've got to know where you stand

'Cause sometimes I feel like a stranger in my house
And I wonder who's lying with me
I'm seeing ghosts walking 'round in the hallways
And they look like we used to be

When I look in the mirror I see
A stranger in my house
A stranger in my house

We built this house of love, it was safe inside these walls
But if love isn't living here, this house will surely fall
We've got to scream, we've got to fight
Do anything to make it alright

We can scream it
Got to work it out and find the book of love
We can shout it out
Got to open up and shed a little blood

It's raining on the outside
But the house has sprung a leak
I can take it, you can hit me
I can turn the other cheek

Got to do anything we got to do baby
Baby look at where we've been
We can build it up, we can tear it down
But we've got to start again