Submarine Lyrics

by Björk

When will it be time do document, do it now!
This submarine behaviour, do it now!
When time?
To return
Do it now
Do it now
Shake us out of the heavy deep sleep
Shake us now
Do it now!
Do it now!

Shake us out of the heavy deep sleep
Do it now!
Do it now!

Submarine - Medulla

One breath away
from mother oceania,
your nimble feet make prints
in my sands.

you have done
good for yourself,
since you left my wet embrace
and crawled ashore.

Every boy,
is a snake, is a lily,
every pearl is a lynx,
is a girl.

Sweet luck, harmony,
made into flesh.


you dance by my side,
children sublime.

You show me continents,
i see the islands,
you count the centuries,
i blink my eyes.

Hawks and sparrows
race in my waters,
stingrays are floating
across the sky.

little ones,
my sons and my daugthers


Your sweat is salty
I am why

i am why(3x)
your sweat is salty
i am why (3X)