Super Bitch Lyrics


Super bitch
Super powers
Super pussy
Keep me up for hours

Smells good
Scent of flowers
Double Ds
Twin towers

Verse 1

And I be Rollin throwback in my Eddie Bauer
And she like takin Kodaks when she in the shower
We listen to that Womack and make love for hours
We up all night on Alcohol and different powders
Yah my swishers sweet and my diesel is sour
I like the way she looks with just my sheets around her
Every night I go to bed I'm gonna dream about
And when I wake up in the mornin I go deep inside you
Ridin round in my stingray
My new chick is jean grey
Your chick dookie like Green Day
Tryna sell the coochie on ebay
And I wonder if she's ticklish
My fingers all in her liquorish
Her hand on my stick shift
We drive fast and my whips sick
Damn this girl is dangerous
Why you gotta act so famous
Bitch those ain't loubetins
And I know you shop at Payless
And my new suit is bespoke
I ride around on three spoke
And blow out weed smoke
I might heave hoe
Then leave hoe
I'm Michael Jackson you Tito
Gin in my mojito
Beginning to go beast mode
Godamn Godamn Godamn Godamn
I need my bible cuz I need to save my soul
Drop that ass down wobble wobble cuz I get freaky at my show
Little bit wild turkey gobble gobble now I'm Don Juan demarco
And on my arm a super model
And girl is super cold
Super hoe


I love pies I'm simple like simon
She fine like Rihanna but not bright like a diamond
That pussy is a treasure where have you been hiding
I think I fell in love
No I'm just jiving
And if it's broke ill fix it baby Ill McGive it
Ill Michael phelps that pussy baby
Imma dive in
Wipe my face with the back of my hand and now I'm smiling
And I'm just trying to toss her salad
Give her that thousand island

She don't eat no croutons
This event is bourgeois
I don't have a suit on but I still look like James Bond
And I go deep like scuba
Girls from Bermuda
And I have her all of my dick
And joe bazooka
Got herringbone in my whip
Ridin round with two girls
Got high as fuck when I sip
I do dare to do drugs
Swag dripping off of my lip
I need my toothbrush
And she gon dip when I dip
And imma dip after we fuck

Imma dip after we fuck