Superstar (Remix) Lyrics

by Dolla

Uh huh. A superstar shit is crazy right.
Can turn these niggas into somethin evil man.
No im talkin bout,
The world live l-i-v-e spelled backwards is evil man
The crowd here the lights on
My gucci boots and ice on
its been long long time coming
I remember sayin fuck it imma start back hustlin
This rap shit aint working better off in the tracks
Better off in all black posted up in with a gat
Now im on the road promoters drop stacks
Just to hear a nigga rap but who the fuck is that?
Kinda funny i aint even like the record
Now im guaranteed a dolla every night for that record that wasn't my direction
I was on some other shit but who told me settle down theres money to go get.
And i got it but now that i think about it i make music for my heart and not for my pockets.
Not for profit more for the soul and hopefully
Niggas relate across the globe don't get me wrong yeah im here
To get dough but i hate when a nigga start to rate my flow like i cant go toe to toe with the best of em have a nigga quiet like i took his whole neck from him.
WYou can bet on it i take your whole check from expose a nigga llies make him lose respect from him
The road to stardom the road to fame i have a nigga so lost he forget his own name.
I think you rather see me shine then to see me broke
Cause when my baby start crying im at somebody's throat
On somebody's porch kicking somebody's door
Beating somebody ho like bitch where the dough
So that superstar shit yeah its cool and great
But im still the same nigga letting of that K
In the middle of broad day nigga watch what you say
East side of the A certain shit we dont play
Like niggas running out their mouth that type of shit they gates stop fucking with a few homies wasnt real no way
Still front niggas work like fuck it you can keep it
out here in these streets they take kindness for weak
gave the boy chance i need mines in a week so i had to blow his top and leave hi mind in the streets just to see what he thinks
should of thought twice
the other player left i had to get his mind right
boy you playin wit death get ya feet together
cant outdance faith get ya beliefs togethor we just waitin for the camera and the lights to hit they say reality's a nigga and that lifes a bitch
trapstar since twelve bout time i switch niggas copy my flow outline my prits keep em out the pitches
four punds the cliffs
longer than mississippi just to drown a bitch yeah.
I have no fear.
Mic on
Camera on
Niggas wanna know my story. Here it is.
Im naturally a nigga
Im naturally a nigga when i wake up mothafuckas wanna know who am I
Know sayin
When I walk into a room that mothafucka light up. Naturally.
This one, this one, given to me. Given to me by God, not by man. I wasnt created by another nigga, i wasnt put together by another nigga i was put together by the amighty.
Im all Naturale baby.

RIP Bucc, Aka Dolla