Swizzle Stick Lyrics

by T Bone Burnett

Swizzle stick
I can take you with a swizzle stick
Swizzle stick
And vanish you like a magic trick

In the neck is low tech
Through the heart is high art

Swizzle stick
I can stir you like a Bloody Mary
Swizzle stick
And turn your cool incendiary

In the back is Black Jack
Through the eye is Sci-Fi

Swizzle stick

The true source of light in a mirrored room
Doom baby doom baby doom
Whatever fools the eye is true
I can jerk the world from under you


Swizzle stick
I can infiltrate your pride

Swizzle stick
And lace your faith with cyanide

Through the brain feel no pain
In the throat no antidote

Swizzle stick
Swizzle stick

Make me your king
I will make your soul ring.