Sympathize Lyrics

by Amos Lee

It ain't no jive
I was burnin' alive
Whenever you walked in the room
It happened so quickly
I was feelin' so sickly
Like a lover who lost his muse

The sharks in the tank
The man in the bank
He wants my money to loan
I can't understand

What the hell is his plan?
I ain't even got a home
Ain't got a home

The girl on the street
With holes in her feet
Looks through eyes of a clown
She don't look mad
Just feelin' kinda sad
So I just walk around

I reassess, she's down on her luck
She's reading a book of lies
I don't know when I'll be comin' home, baby
But I sure can sympathize
Can sympathize

Angels spread their wings
On all the dirty things
You do

She drops to the floor
Her head's by the door
Her bible is by her side
Heaven is callin'
The new world is fallin'

And she ain't got a single person left
To confide
No one to confide
I sympathize
Can sympathize