Tears Dry On Their Own Lyrics

by Jersey Demic

Forever in my head
Probably til im dead
We never said goodbye
Tho let me tell you what we said
We said we be together forever
Til death do us
But we let the gossippin bout frolickin get to us
U said i never listened, and that there was the problem
But all u did was listen to yo girlfriends and thats a problem
My heart just started sinkin i swear it hit the bottom
But anything thats buried, in due time it'll blossom
So move on wit yo life
But i bet yo ass regret it
Not to be vindictive but i am ready to bet it
The whole world is for the takin and im ready to take it
U left me here for dead man shivering, naked
U promised me yo love i was like yo dove
Instead u danced around it like the michael jackson glove
And now im left here
Pretending i dont care
Im back out on the market now im bout to do my hair like.