Tearz Lyrics

by Wu-Tang Clan

Check the script, me an' the Gods get it ripped
Blunts in the dip, forty dogs in my lip
Had a box, 'Boom Boom' the bass will blast
We was laughin' at all the girls that passed

A conversation, niggas had begin to discuss
Hey, yo, Ra, what? Remember that kid you bust?
Ah, yeah, he ran but he didn't get far
'Cause I dropped him

Not knowin' exactly what lied ahead
My little brother, my mother sent him out for bread
Get the wonder, it's a hot day in the summer
Didn't expect to come across a crazy gunner

"Hey, shorty, check it for the bag an' the dough"
But he was brave, he looked him in the eye an' said, "No"
But he splattered him, then he snatched the bag
In his pockets, then he jetted up the ave

Niggas screamin', the noise up an' down the block
Yo, Rakeem, what? Your little brother got shot
I ran frantically, then I dropped down to his feet
I saw the blood all over the hot concrete

I picked him up, then I held him by his head
His eyes shut, that's when I knew he was
Ahh, man, how do I say goodbye?
It's always the good ones that has to die

Memories in the corner of my mind
Flashbacks, I was laughin' all the time
I taught him all about the bees an' birds
But I wish I had a chance to say these three words