Television Heaven Lyrics

by Lana Del Rey

Oh, oh, come on, come on.
I hope you remember me like this,
Smoking cigarettes in my sundress,
Glamorous and gangsta, oh yes,
My battle lines look like paradise next to you.
I hope I remember you just like that
Looking fresh to death in your ball cap
You'll say you'll tap it like a high hat
You're stupid lies are like dynamite.

The future's looking bright as black tonight
You told that our love cannot endure
Baby, if it's wrong, I don't wanna be right
Boy, I don't a thing of this, I'm sure
There's nowhere on this Earth I'd rather be
Then in your bedroom, breathing heavily
The way you smiling, it's so deadly
Honey, you are heavenly
T-t-television heaven with you
Swinging in the New York, to Nirvana song
With nothing but t-t-t-television on
We're kissing in the dark, in my diamonds
Put that empty TV on
A television heaven with you

I wonder if you think of me like this
I'm your fire escape like a hot mess
You say: 'You're beautiful, but hopeless'
Come on inside of your crazy child, look at you!
I promise I'll think of you as the king
Quottin' Corleone, like you, so mean
It's Cosa Nostra cause it's our thing
I made you mine like a thousand times.
Lucy's in the sky with ice tonight
Heaven knows I try hard to find a cure
Baby, if it's wrong, I don't wanna be right
And if you ask again, I'll say: ' I'm sure'
Stay up tonight
Turn out the light
It feels so right
Baby, you're a vision in blues
It feels so right
Watching a television with you!