That's Why I Write Songs Lyrics

by Jamey Johnson

We fell in love and you threw it away
You're lookin' for that perfect thing to say
You're no good with words, well, that's okay
That's why I write songs

It might make you laugh or make you cry
Might help you make it through a bad goodbye
'Cause you've been through it and so have I
That's why I write songs

I remember all the times I felt
Like somebody knows me all too well
And it was my life story I was listenin' to
I don't know about you

But I've buried family and a few good friends
And held a brand new baby in my hands
You see it ain't just what I do, it's who I am
And that's why I write songs

I remember how it blew my mind
When I played a song and watched a grown man cry
It was at that moment when I just knew
What I was born to do

You know most songwriters, they don't ever get the fame
And I know most people don't even recognize their names
But chances are you probably sang along

To Harlan Howard or Bob McDill
Whitey Shafer and my friend Whispering Bill
All the songs they wrote, they gave us chills
That's why I write songs

I'm forgetting Eddie Cochran