The Motel Lyrics

by David Bowie

For we're livin' in a safety zone
Don't be holdin' back from me
We're livin' from hour to hour down here
And we'll take it when we can

It's a kind of livin' which recognizes
The death of the odorless man
When nothin' is vanity nothing's too slow
It's not Eden but it's no sham

There is no hell
There is no shame
There is no hell like an old hell
There is no hell
And it's lights up boys
Lights up boys

Explosion falls upon deaf ears
While we're swimmin' in a sea of sham
Living in the shadow of vanity
A complex fashion for a simple man

And there is no hell
And there is no shame
And there is no hell like an old hell
There is no hell
And the sirens flies on it's brief flight
The razor sharp captured affair
And we light up our lives

And there's comfort in re exposing you
Re exposing you
Like everybody knew
Re exposing you
I don't know what to use
Make somebody move
Re exposing, re exposing you